Georgia Institute of TechnologypicoForce Laboratory
Zinc Oxide nanobeltProfile: Elisa RiedoNanofriction plot

Lab Tour

  • One AFM-STM, 5500 from Agilent, equipted with Raman and Inverted Microscope.
  • One AFM, Multimode Nanoscope IV from Veeco.
  • One AFM-STM, PicoPlus, from Molecular Imaging, equipped with temperature and atmosphere control.
  • One AFM, CP-II from VEECO with Nanolithography kit.
  • One Inverted Microscope, IX71 from Olympus, fluorescence capable.
  • HORIBA Jobin Yvon LabRAM HR800 Raman spectrometer, equipped with a 785 nm NIR laser.
  • Several Optical Microscopes.
  • Three Stanford Lock-in amplifiers (two low and one high frequency range).
  • Current and voltage amplifiers, frequency generator, power generators, oscilloscopes, multimeters, and miscellaneous electronics.
  • Four PC computers.
  • Fume hood, sample preparation tools and chemicals.
  • Photos