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Zinc Oxide nanobeltProfile: Elisa RiedoNanofriction plot
   NanoMechanical properties of Organic Semiconductors  


        The nanomechanical properties of materials have become an area of increasing

    importance as the scale of components and devices approach atomic dimensions. In

    particular a major challenge for organic electronics is the compatibility between the organic

    semiconductor materials and the metal or metal oxide contact. The degree of adhesion, wear

    resistance and wettability of the organic layer deposited on a conductor surface is an essential

    issue for the stability and reliability of organic electronic devices. So far, this topic has been

    investigated with trivial techniques (e.g. tape test) and only phenomenological models have

    been developed.

        The goal of our project is to achieve an atomic- or molecular-scale  understanding of

    adhesion, friction and the interfacial mechanics of organic   semiconductor interfaces. This will

    be achieved in different ways.


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